Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Now that we have completed The Wild Robot, the students are working on a performance task in class. We are discussing the major themes in the book and what we think the author's message is. Students will be creating posters to demonstrate their ideas.

In measurement, students are continuing to practice their understanding of the metric system and converting measurements. They are applying this knowledge in problems involving perimeter.


SEL Parent Night - Tuesday, November 21st

Our school will be hosting a parent information night about our school wide initiative for Social Emotional Learning. Please join us next Tuesday!

See more information here -----> Flyer

Fill out the Google Form to RSVP ------> Form

The Grinch Performance at All Saints - Wednesday, November 22nd
Permission forms will be sent home. Please sign and return by Tuesday November 21st.

Double Lunch Day - Wednesday, November 22nd
See information here

PD Day - Friday, November 24th

Thursday, 9 November 2017

The Wild Robot

We have completed The Wild Robot book! The ending has left us wanting more...perhaps there will be a second book to come!

Unlikely Friends
One of the major themes throughout the book is the idea of unlikely friends. There are many unusual bonds and friendships made over the course the book. For example, our robot Roz adopts and cares for a gosling who calls her "ma." She teaches him how to do many different things. In addition the animals on the island create many truces where they mutually agree to get along, co-habitat, or not hunt all in order to survive.

This theme left us wondering if this would really happen in nature. Most of us thought that it was mostly fiction and not possible to find in nature. However, after some exploration, we found that the story may not be as far-fetched as we believed. We learned about a relationship between a Tiger, Lion and Black Bear. We also learned about a tortoise named Mzee and hippo named Owen who also formed a strong relationship.

After this, many of us had changes in our thinking about the animal kingdom. The picture below shows our thoughts before our inquiry (yellow notes), and after (pink notes). The notes are organized by student responses indicating "no" on the left and "yes" are on the right. The yellow notes show that most students thought that this type of bond is not possible in nature. The pink notes show that many students had changes in their thinking after we explored the topic together.

Another big question involved the author's message. Why did Peter Brown include this major theme in the book? What lesson does he want us to learn? The students shared some wonderful ideas about what they thought the author is trying to tell us. Perhaps he is trying to push our thinking about the animal kingdom and his message is that their habitats and relationships are complex and should be protected. Or, maybe he wants us to make a connection to our own lives as we should show mutual respect for one another and collaborate with others.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

French - Message from Mr. Nixon

Dear parents and guardians,

Your child will be coming home today with an important letter about a program called Jupiter Ed. that has login information and two passwords (one for you and one for your child). This program will let you track the grades of your child in real time and learn about assignments your child is working on. The student's password will also allow your child to submit assignments electronically and receive feedback more quickly if they are absent or regularly use a computer in class. 

You will also be able to contact me through Jupiter Ed. for a quick response about student work or issues in class.

I hope you will find this a useful tool to keep track of your child's progress in French class. 

Thank you, 

Monsieur Nixon"

Thursday, 2 November 2017


Progress reports will be going home today.

Interviews will be held on the evening of Wednesday, November 8th. The sign-up form was sent home via email earlier this week. This form is for both Mrs. Dandurand and Mrs. Swan. We are conducting interviews together so that you may meet with both of us. If you would like an interview to discuss your child's progress, please sign-up for one 10 minute time slot.

If you did not receive the link or need to cancel an interview time, please contact the school.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Mr. Nixon would like to invite you all to practice vocabulary on his French Classroom Website.  Any inquires can be directed to christopher.nixon@ocsb.ca.

French Classroom Website: https://sites.google.com/ocsb.ca/classedemonsieurnixon/home-accueil

New Focus in Math: Measurement and Patterning

Students will use what they have been learning in Number Sense and apply it in Measurement and Patterning. Although we separate math strands and focus on them individually, the concepts truly are a spiral, as everything is interconnected.

Mrs. Swan will focus on Measurement with the class. This unit will build on the students' knowledge of decimals, and it will allow them to apply their knowledge in authentic situations. Measurement includes capacity, mass, temperature, time and length.

Measurement is a great follow-up to decimals as it allows students to further explore, develop, and apply the skills they have acquired. As we investigate measurement, students will explore how millimetres are part of a whole (centimetre), and also, how seconds are part of a whole (minute).

For example, we can write 73mm = 7.3 cm.  This is the same concept as renaming decimal numbers such as: 4 tenths = 40 hundredths  or, 15 tenths = 1 whole and 5 tenths, in our Place Value unit. This will reinforce that a decimal is part of a whole.

Mrs. Dandurand will focus on Patterning with the class. This will build on the students' knowledge of numbers, and students will be focusing on patterning we see all around us. Further, as there are many patterns to been seen in measurement as well, links between the two strands will be explored. Students will work on creating, extending, and predicting numerical and geometric patterns.

The Global Read Aloud Project
If you're not following us on Twitter, please check out our Global Read Aloud tab on our blog for updates about the book and activities we are doing in class! It is such a wonderful book with many lessons and themes we can connect to in our own lives.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Important Dates

We have quite a busy end to the month! Below is a list of important upcoming dates for our class and school.

Friday October 20th 
- Hat Day in support of the United Way Campaign. Bring your silly, fun, or favourite hat and a $2.00 donation
- iWalk to school day. The school will walk around the yard before beginning class

Thursday October 26th
- Picture orders due
- News Show 10:45

Friday October 27th
- Family Halloween Dance

Monday October 30th
- Picture retakes
- Play for Change. Grade 6 social justice fundraiser. We will be collecting change for donations

Class Reminders:
Students are asked to read 15 minutes every night and use their reading log to record their reading. Under the Number Sense tab on our blog, there are many games, videos, and quizzes students can use nightly to reinforce what we are learning in class. In addition, you will find many educational links for students under the Websites tab on our blog.