Monday, 5 March 2018

Term #2

We have now started the second term of the year. We will continue to build on the knowledge and skills we gained in first term.

Narrative Writing: Pourquoi Tales
     Pourquoi is the French word for why. These stories explain why certain things in the world are the way they are. Pourquoi stories are usually folk tales that have been handed down for many generations. They often describe something that happened a long time ago as the basis for what we see or hear today.

Tweek, the students are starting to write their "Pourquoi Tales." A narrative story that explains something in nature. Together, we have read many different examples of these types of stories. At home, ask your child about some of the tales we have read or, research some examples together!

Check out this website for examples of Native American examples. There are many examples of Pourquoi tales on youtube as well.

Number Sense -- operations (first focusing on multiplying and later dividing)
We will be practicing our multiplication facts to help us memorize the basic facts through games and quizzes. We will then apply this knowledge in words problems.

HOMEWORK: each week, students will be given a multiplication package to practice their skills at home. Please return completed work on the following Monday.

Geometry --  constructing and measuring angles
                    -- 2d shapes (classifying based on attributes)
                    -- 3D shapes

Science: Human Organ Systems
Big Ideas:
- analyse the impact of human activities and technological innovations on human health;
- investigate the structure and function of the major organs of various human body systems;
- demonstrate an understanding of the structure and function of human body systems and interactions within and between systems.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Update from Grade 5

St. Gabriel Winter Olympic Spirit week will happen next week!

Monday February 19 - FAMILY DAY

Tuesday February 20 - Opening Ceremonies: Wear your team colours

Thursday February 22 - Outdoor Olympic Play day (morning for junior students)

Friday February 23 - Closing Ceremonies: Support Team Canada by wearing your Canadian gear!

Math - Class Water Consumption
The results are in! Students used Google Sheets to input data and create a graph. Below are a couple of examples that students have created.

From the data collected, we were able to make some observations and draw conclusions. We had discussions about what the data actually tells us. For example, it is clear that the boys consumed more water than the girls - about twice as much. 

But, why? Well, as we looked closer we noticed that we collected information from 14 boys and 8 girls, which is about double. Makes sense right? Well, some of the students thought that maybe the difference had to do with the fact that boys are more active than girls at recess. But, we challenged this thought. Is that a fact or a stereotype?

To help us understand the data, we calculated the mean of water consumed for both the boys and the girls. Maybe this would give us a better understanding because the number of boys to girls was so lopsided. What we found was that each boy consumed about 4.2L and each girl consumed about 3.6L over the two weeks. That is only a 600mL difference! So, now we understand that on average, girls and boys actually drink about the same amount of water!

This project has sparked a new idea! Our class is curious to see which gender is the most active. So, as a class, we came up with questions and have created a Google Form. The class is going to share this form with all 3 grade 5 classes at our school and then analyze the data. We look forward to diving deeper into this inquiry!

Friday, 2 February 2018

We Love Nature Day

On behalf of the entire Grade Two Team:

Greetings St. Gabriel Friends, 

We will be hosting "We Love Nature Day" Friday, February 9th. There will be a spirit day, a bake sale/raffle (with proceeds going to the Canadian Wildlife Federation, our Social Justice/Deep Learning initiative), and a Green Squad recycled bookmark and "Kind-o-gram" Sale .

Bake Sale/Raffle- Classes will be signed up to purchase at a specific time.  STUDENTS WILL BE LIMITED TO PURCHASE 2 ITEMS PER CHILD. 

Bookmarks- Primary students can purchase a colourful personalized laminated bookmark made from recycled Kleenex boxes! Only 50 cents.

Kind-o-grams- Junior students can purchase a small card (designed by Green Squad members) which will be delivered to a friend who has been kind, thoughtful, caring or loyal.  50 cents a card

Spirit DayStudents and staff are invited to dress up in animal-related hats, costumes, T-shirt logos, or earth colours or tree/nature motifs to celebrate your love of nature! 

Thanks for your support 

The Grade Two Team

See all the details here:

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Update from Grade 5

* This is the last week to order your yearbook and save $5. See the link for purchase --- Flyer

Math -
Students are now working on Data Management. Students will collect, organize, and display data in graphs with appropriate titles, labels, and scales. They will be asked to make inferences and describe trends from sets of data. Over the course of this unit, if you find an interested table, graph or poll, please send them along with your child. It would be interesting to discuss different types of data.

As a class, we decided to continue tracking our water consumption this week. When we looked at our tracking from the past week, we noticed that it would not be a complete set of data. With two days missed of school, the data would not be a true representation of our class. Stay tuned to hear what the results are!

Language - Our focus in reading is on identifying main idea and summarizing. Students have been writing summaries of non-fiction texts. We have been using Newsela during class time to find articles about current events. At home, you can ask your child to orally summarize a book, chapter or article they are reading.
In writing, students are continuing to work on their persuasive essays. Currently, the focus is on using success criteria and feedback to improve or "bump up" their work.

Homework - Students are asked to read for 15 minutes every night and log it in their reading log. In addition, students are invited to practice their skills at home through the websites on our blog. The games and quizzes are an excellent way to practice and reinforce what we are learning in class.


February 5th - last day to order yearbook at the special price

February 14th - Ash Wednesday
                        - Report Cards go home

February 15th - Winter Olympics outdoor play day

February 19th - Family Day (no school)

February 23rd - Family Movie Night

Friday, 26 January 2018

Missing Assigments

Please ask your child if they have a note from me regarding missed assignments.  I require these for marks before report cards. There is a spot for you to sign indicating you are aware of this.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Learning Skills Term 1

This term, the Grade 5 focus for learning skills and work habits will be on responsibility and self-regulation. We have been discussing these learning skills as a class and how they affect our learning.

Health and Data Management:

This week, we are tracking the amount of water consumed by the students in our class. Students keep a tally chart on their desk for the amount water bottles they have finished each day. We will then  calculate the amount of mL that equals.
Next week, the class will  organize the data in order to graph it. We will look for trends and averages amongst our group.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Happy New Year!

Welcome back! We hope everyone enjoyed a restful break.

In our first week back, we wanted to kick off 2018 on a positive note. Students started the week off with lessons and activities on growth mindset, healthy living and resolutions. Students have made specific goals for themselves this year. We are all going to make 2018 a fantastic year!

In gym, students have started a new unit on badminton. We will continue to learn about the sport and develop our skills. Tryouts for the school teams are underway and the tournament will be held next week for boys and girls. In addition this month, we will complete our class curling bonspiel. The students are showing great understanding of the sport and sportsmanship during matches. Keep it up class!

In math, we are wrapping up our unit in patterning and will prepare for Data Management. In this unit, students will be applying their knowledge of measurement to collect data. From there, students will be required to organize, graph, and draw conclusions from the data (i.e., what trends do you notice?; what does it mean?; why do you think there is..?).

Tuesday January 16th, students will have their final assessment on elapsed time. Students can practice/review concepts through the Measurement tab on our class blog. There are many different links for students to use at home. You can also ask your child questions about elapsed time based on your own schedules during the day. For example, "Your ringette game is at 7:00 tonight. It takes you 20 minutes to get dressed and 45 minutes to get there. What time should we leave tonight?"

Our social justice project is well underway! We now have about 30 completed items that range from scarves, hats, headbands and dish cloths. We are also preparing cards with messages to go along with the items we donate. We are so proud of everyone for trying this new skill and their display of stamina and perseverance!